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Tim & Karen Hill are married and they have been playing Bluegrass music together over 16 years. Tim is the band manager and he plays rhythm guitar and sings either lead or harmony vocals. He has a great sense of humor and he's always got a joke to tell on stage! He is retired law enforcement and he's a veteran of the US Air Force and the US Army. Karen keeps the band's timing smooth and rich on the bass and she has a true-blue lead voice made for traditional bluegrass and she also sings harmony. Her rock-solid bass rhythm keeps NH in a bouncing state of over-drive!  Karen also loves to crochet and do gardening, She is also a fine artist with a canvas and a paint brush and she paints custom orders for musicians of their favored instruments! Karen is a great Step-Mom to Tim's four older adult children and together they have a daughter named "Mandolin Grace". There's no doubt how blue their grass is! Tim and Karen currently have several Grandchildren and they are faithful members of their home church where they reside in the Northwest Arkansas area. 

"Doc" Larry Perry has been playing music for a long time. He played rock and blues "back in the day" and started playing Bluegrass some years ago. He started playing the resonating guitar with New Highway in January of 2009 and he also plays mandolin and guitar. He has a great sense of humor and he has a way of ticklin' our funny bones at just the right time! Larry also contributes lead vocals occasionally and his multi-talented skills are an integral part of the band's sound. In his "spare time" you may find Doc ridin' his Indian motorcycle with his mandolin strapped to his back! Doc is a retired Professor from the University of Arkansas and he served in the United States Army. Doc is married and he and his wife have children and grandchildren that they love spending time with. Together they are faithful members of their church and they reside in the Northwest Arkansas area.  

Larry Ben has been singing and playing for many years and his talents are a great asset to NH. He plays guitar and mandolin and he is an integral part of forming the harmonies within the vocals of the band. He has a very rich baritone voice and sings harmony as well. Larry has been with NH for almost a year and he has become a very valuable member. He has been involved with other bands and has a wealth of experience performing in the Bluegrass genre. Larry earned his  Doctorate of Education at the University of Arkansas and he is a Superintendent of schools within a school district near where he lives. Larry loves to play Bluegrass ;music and you will often see him with mandolin in hand and a song on his heart; however, it's not uncommon at all to find him out on the lake in his bass boat with a fishing pole in his hand!  Larry is a member of a local church and he resides in the Northwest Arkansas area. 

Gary Shipley has been involved with music since he was a boy and he's been at the business end of banjo for over 4o years! He plays the dobro and banjo for NH and keeps us hoppin'! He has a rich history of Bluegrass & Country music experience having toured for over eight years with the legendary Sullivan Family who were inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and were labeled as "The First Family of Bluegrass Gospel" by Bill Monroe. There are many other names that he has filled in with along the way such as Charlie Louvin, Curley Sekler & The Nashville Band, Jesse McReynolds, George Shuffler, Rich McCready (CMA recipient), and more... but we're glad that he's playing with NH now! He's a barrel full of fun! Gary is married and has two daughters and he and his family attend their church faithfully where they reside in the Northwest Arkansas area. 

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