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New Highway- the Heart of Our Music


New Highway recognizes their collective talents are a gift from God and that music is a 
ministry to the soul as well as the ears.  While New Highway is not strictly a gospel  band, they  are unashamed of their individual beliefs in God and share a Gospel message in their show. In addition to providing quality family entertainment, New Highway hopes to inspire reflection within the heart and life of each and every listener concerning their personal
journey through life. We hope and pray that our music brings ministry and mindful remembrance of the listener's spiritual walk with God.


New Highway is focused on delivering a high quality show that will satisfy your entertainment needs. The band will work hard and give their best when invited to play at any event. New Highway is 

committed to meeting their
events and they will
be responsible to arrive on 
time, providing there are no
unseen factors beyond the control of the band. Should it become necessary to cancel an event due to unforeseen 

circumstances, the band will contact the promoter ahead of time as soon as possible. New Highway will strive to keep all commitments to the utmost  of their  ability.


New Highway believes that the perfect fit for a great show is a mixture of humor and music. It's our hope to give people an opportunity to escape the moment and leave the busyness of everyday life and find enjoyment through quality entertainment with our music show combined with tasteful, family style humor.  We work hard to tickle our audience's ears... and their fancy! There's one thing about a smile: one size fits all! It has been said that laughter is a medicine, so come 'bust a smile' with New Highway and get your fancy tickled!

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